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"“A republic, if you can keep it.”  - Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to the Republican Party Website for Greene County PA. 

New Facebook Page from our Community republican friends in Greene County PA. link is below. 
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November 15th - Maralago, FL
Trump announces he is runnning for president in 2024.
click here to read more.. source fox news. 

Latest January 2023: Lindell says he has enough votes to oust Ronna McDaniel Here for the story...




The Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC) will be elected on January 27th, 2023. This new Chair will be voted in by the (169?) members of the RNC.

On January 27th a new Chair of the RNC will be elected.

WE HAVE A STRONG VOICE IN THIS ELECTION. We need NEW leadership at the top of our Republican Party.

Looking to see new national Republican leadership that LEADS, has backbone, CONSERVATIVE values, and a vision for our country.  

To date, three people are running for RNC Chair:

1) Ronna McDaniel (the current Chair),

2) Mike Lindell (My Pillow)

3) Harmeet Dhillon (research her).



Ronna McDaniel: Ronna has been the Republican National Chair since 2017. RNC expenditures have been unveiled this week which prove excessive and extravagant spending for RNC staff.  See link which follows.  Apparently, door-dash type delivery service for booze? Ronna is trying to say it was all in support of Trump which has been proven false.

In addition, when you research Ronna McDaniel, you will find she is the niece of Mitt Romney. Do your own research.

Harmeet Dhillon: Scott Pressler is a Conservative activist. Scott Pressler endorses Harmeet Dhillon.      

You can find all the voting members state by state on Scott’s article. Do your own research.



Mike Lindell: I think we all know Mike Lindell. For more info on Mike Lindell go to 

Do your own research.

On January 27th the following 3 Pennsylvania people will vote for the new Chair. They are (supposed to be) our voice:

Lawrence Tabas:  State Chairman – NA;

Elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Pennsylvania on July 13, 2019. 

3501 North Front Street Suite 200 Harrisburg, Pa 17110;

 (717) 234-4901

Christine Toretti:   - National Committeewoman - @CToretti;;

Elected RNC National Committeewoman in 2014;

3501 North Front Street Suite 200 Harrisburg, Pa 17110;

 (717) 234-4901

Andrew Reilly:        National Committeeman – NA;;

Elected RNC National Committeeman in August 2020;

3501 North Front Street Suite 200 Harrisburg, Pa 17110;  

(717) 234-4901

BOMBARD these people above with letters, emails, phone calls. LET YOUR PATRIOT VOICES BE HEARD. As a Conservative Patriot are you tired of the Republican party? Do you want Conservatives elected? Do you want change? Do you want leadership that is LEADING? Are you awake? Are you watching? Do you vote? THEN TELL THEM NOW.

Latest: From Fayette county republicans.. 1/24/2023 via social media.


Republicans of Fayette County


PA State Rep. Tom Mehaffie is the ONLY Republican in the PA house not to sign this petition to return to Harrisburg and pass SB 1 (voter ID). The petition failed because it was one signature short. PLEASE SHARE AND CALL REP. MEHAFFIE AND LET HIM KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!!! 717-534-1323

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Inspiring Patriotism

Equipping Citizens

Educating A Nation

Patriot Academy has a bold mission:
to equip and educate a generation of citizen leaders to champion the cause of freedom and truth in every sector of society, as we help restore our Constitutional Republic and the Biblical principles that cause a Nation to thrive. 

Learn the consititution. Click the image above to learn more. Online and in person classes are available. 

Patriot Academy has a proven track record of excellence through a simple five-part strategy:


Train citizens to understand and influence government policy with a Biblical worldview


Demonstrate the principles of ethical servant leadership from the Founding Fathers’ perspective


Teach the political process and essential leadership skills through intense hands-on training


Inspire citizens to be salt and light in every area of society and culture


Equipping citizens with the tools to be force-multipliers as they in turn train other citizens


above t
o register,
to change a
or party, find your voting precinct or to

request absentee ballot

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Headquarters Address:
52 East High Street
Waynesburg, PA  15370
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 791
Waynesburg, PA  15370
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