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Current GOP Candidates for Greene County, PA 2023.

PA REPUBLICAN Supreme, Superior, Commonwealth Courts: 

Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio, Supreme Court (Vote One)

Attorney Megan Martin, Commonwealth (Vote One)

Maria Battista, Superior Court (Vote Two)

Judge Harry Smail Jr., Superior Court (Vote Two)


Betsy Mcclure Incument for Commissioner (Vote Two)

Jared Edgreen Candidate for Commissioner 

Larry Freeman Candidate for Commissioner

Cameran Downer Candidate for Commissioner

Brianna Vanata Candidate for District Attorney (Vote One)

Dave Russo Incumbent for District Attorney

David Balint  Incumbent for Magistrate 13-03-01 (Vote One)

Lesli Joy Gordon Candidate for Magistrate 13-03-01

Tom Ankrom Candidate for Magistrate 13-03-02 (Vote One)

Kelly Stepp Candidate for Magistrate 13-03-02

Crazy Charlie Jones Candidate for Magistrate 13-03-02

Julie Gatrell Candidate for Treasurer (Vote One)

Jeannie High Grimes Candidate for Treasurer

Jennifer Maas Candidate for Prothonotary (Vote One)

Tammy Brookover Candidate for Register & Recorder (Vote One)

Crystal Walters Candidate for Clerk of Courts (Vote One)


The Republican Party of Pennsylvania proudly endorsed Carolyn Carluccio for Supreme Court, Harry Smail Jr. and Maria Battista for Superior Court, and Megan Martin for Commonwealth Court, during our Republican State Committee meeting at the Hershey Lodge on Saturday.

Source: Via PA GOP Twitter:

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