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Join our team or donate!

There are many ways you can participate and


Impact The Community!


Help us make a difference

in Greene County PA!


There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door, hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:

Get Involved

  One of the most Important things in helping the party is getting the word out.

By utilizing social media from Facebook and many other platforms available today.

The technology of today  can be used by reaching voters of every age with info and getting the word out about candidates information, events to come, and combatting misinformation given by Left wing Democrats.


 Many of our candidates believe in America and all that Holds true to those beliefs in Faith and Freedom. Before Making an opinion of a select candidate, hear their story and what they have to offer. If you like what you see, then share that information with family, friends and others. Getting involved is the first step and can be anything from being at fun events and showing your patriotism for your county or volunteering for Poll positions, the Republican committee, various events and so forth.

on the TEAM

What would we be willing to do to preserve life, liberty, property, happiness?  Several hours, a couple of days can make a powerful difference in the outcome of a political race.


Would you like a role in influencing your world?. 


Some volunteer possibilities are:

  • Helping local candidates campain

  • Participate with the local Republican Committee

  • Learn the issues and be ready to talk opportunity gaps and solutions envisioned and supported by the Republican Party.

  • Donate and Participate in fundraisers

  • Help outside or inside at the polls on Election Day

  • Participate with GCRP in community events such as Fairs, Rain Day, and Parades.

To volunteer on Team GCRP, please sign up below and we will contact you!


Donations are gratefully accepted and exuberantly used with 100% applied to advance the success of our candidates.  It often takes multiple points of contact to engage and excite a voter into action.


Donor dollars are spent on reaching that voter several times using different media over the course of a campaign.  We depend on radio ads, at-door conversations, leave-behind campaign materials for absent voters, billboards, hand cards, event interaction, yard signs, and window banners to get our message out.


You can donate to  the Greene County PA Republican Party by mailing your donation to:

Greene County PA Republican Party

P.O. Box 972

Waynesburg, PA.  15370

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