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Josh Shapiro is dangerous for Pennsylvania  Harrisburg, July 26, 2022

(source) Josh Shapiro is dangerous for Pennsylvania – Commonwealth Partners (thecommonwealthpartners.com)

Today, Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs (CP), a membership association representing employers and employees across Pennsylvania, warned Pennsylvanians of the dangers of electing Josh Shapiro governor.

“Pennsylvanians are suffering immensely under the historic inflation caused by President Biden’s incompetence,” said CP President and CEO Matt Brouillette. “Josh Shapiro—who is just another career politician like Biden—would double-down on this destruction, sacrificing working Pennsylvanians’ well-being on the altar of appeasing progressive special interests. What’s more, Shapiro’s record of ineptitude, favoritism, and political opportunism is a loud warning signal to voters.”

As Commonwealth Partners previously outlined, Shapiro:

  • Refuses to prosecute gun crimes in Philadelphia, despite record homicides

  • Bungled a major drug case, letting drug dealers back on the streets

  • Used taxpayer dollars to jet to Aspen

  • Gave a sweetheart deal to a local district attorney who traded lighter sentence recommendations for sexual favors

  • Gave a separate sweetheart deal to former state Rep. Margo Davidson, letting her keep her lifetime pension after she was charged with stealing from taxpayers and resigned from office as a result

Beyond this, Shapiro has yet to answer basic questions affecting Pennsylvanians, including whether he would withdraw Pennsylvania from the job-killing Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, whether he would end special political privileges for government unions (who are among his largest campaign donors), and whether he supports parents’ rights to choose the best education for their children by allowing education funding to follow the child. (Notably, Shapiro and his wife exercise this right by sending their children to an elite private school.)

Shapiro has also repeatedly pursued political ambition over public service, leaving every office he’s held mid-term to pursue another office in his quest to climb the political ladder. If elected governor, Shapiro would undoubtedly bail on the people of Pennsylvania at the first opportunity to run for higher office.

“From inflation and job losses to sweetheart deals and political opportunism, Shapiro represents everything that’s wrong with career politicians,” Brouillette continued. “When it comes to their next governor, Pennsylvanians deserve better than Josh Shapiro.“

To inform voters of the dangers of Josh Shapiro, Commonwealth Leaders Fund, a connected political action committee of Commonwealth Partners, has launched a statewide educational campaign highlighting how Shapiro’s agenda would lead to higher inflation, higher taxes, higher energy bills, and more.

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