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McClure Announces for 50th District State House Seat

WAYNESBURG, PA – Mother, wife and trusted local nurse, Betsy Rohanna McClure, today announced she is running for State Representative in the 50th District. The district includes all of Greene County, and parts of Fayette and Washington counties.

Asked why she is running for State Representative, McClure made it clear, “For too long, the career politicians have done nothing but tax more and spend more while our families lose jobs and our seniors lose their retirement savings. I will put the needs of our communities first by fighting to keep the jobs we have and for the economic growth that creates new jobs, focusing on public safety, bringing fiscal discipline to government, and reforming the way Harrisburg works.”

Born and raised in Greene County, McClure grew up here, graduated local schools and raised her family here. She shares our hometown values and will never forget her top priority is to represent the views and concerns of the hard working men and women who call this district home.

“As a lifelong resident and registered nurse for more than twenty-five years, I have seen first-hand how the loss of energy jobs, the serious drug epidemic and high taxes are negatively affecting our families, children, grandchildren, and entire communities,” McClure said. “I’ll bring a different perspective to the debate in Harrisburg.”

Throughout McClure’s life and career as a wife, mother, grandmother, hospice nurse, hospital nursing supervisor, director of a skilled nursing unit and today as a certified school nurse, she has always strived to do what is in the best interest of her patients and her students. For her, it was certainly never about politics. As State Representative, McClure will be a strong voice for local residents in Harrisburg, and will never be beholden to any party leader or special interest.

McClure earned her nursing degree from Waynesburg College, and a Master’s in Education from California University of Pennsylvania. She holds a K-12 Principal certification and has been a respected certified school nurse in the Trinity School District for more than 15 years. Prior to accepting her current position, McClure served as a case manager for Albert Gallatin Hospice and Washington Hospital. She also taught college and vocational technical nursing classes.

Between the closing of the Emerald Mine and Hatfield Power Plant, and the severe downturn in the natural gas industry, the residents of Greene, Fayette and Washington counties are looking for strong leaders who are willing to fight for their jobs.

“Growing up here, I understand the critical role the coal and gas industries, and manufacturing plays for the families of our region – and how the loss of these jobs continues to hurt the hard working men and women in our counties,” McClure said. “Saving these jobs, and fighting unfair federal and state regulations that are crippling these industries will be a top priority.”

McClure went on to stress the need to bring common sense and real reforms to Harrisburg so the current politicians begin to understand how their constituents live.

“I believe government service should be about public service, not self-service,” said McClure. “As State Representative, I am committed to always being accountable to taxpayers. To start with, I will lead by example to curb the reckless spending of our state legislature by refusing the costly per diems and the taxpayer-paid car. Like the rest of us, I will drive my own car to work. I will treat tax dollars like it is the ‘peoples’ money, not the governments to spend.”

McClure continued, “I will never vote to raise my own pay, and I will sponsor legislation to end the automatic cost of living adjustment that legislators continue to receive. I believe this is a slap in the face to so many local seniors on fixed incomes. ”

As a certified school nurse who works with children, McClure said she has the courage to stand up to the drug dealers and pushers, and those who support them. “We have a serious problem with drugs – prescription and illegal drugs,” said McClure. “I will work with law enforcement and state, county and local elected officials from both parties, and community leaders to address this problem right now. We must win this fight for our children, and our families.”

An active community leader, McClure and her husband, Keith, are the parents of a son and daughter, and the grandparents of a granddaughter and grandson. She is a member of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), the Green County Historical Society, Veterans of Foreign War (VFW) Local 4793, National Rifle Association (NRA) and St. Ann Roman Catholic Church. She will represent our pro-life values, and she can be trusted to protect the Second Amendment and our Constitutional Rights.

“First term State Senator Camera Bartolotta has been a strong advocate for local families, and has proven what can be accomplished when our elected officials put people above politics,” said McClure. “I would be honored to serve with her in the state legislature.”

She concluded, “In the months to come, I’ll be knocking on doors and calling local residents to personally hear their concerns. I will listen and I’m ready to fight for the priorities of local taxpayers, and all our residents in Greene, Washington and Fayette counties.”

McClure is seeking the Republican nomination in the April Primary Election.

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